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Lost in the thrill of it all (Words of wisdom for the modern 20 something year old)

In less than a month I will be 25. Seems impossible to be true. As I still remember it was only yesterday that I was sitting for lunch with my friends in year 12, picturing and planning how our lives would look like by age 24.  

  •  Going on day trips with our hot boyfriends,
  •  Going out for drinks after work, 
  •  Being in a career that you love and motivates you to wake up every morning
  • Share an apartment with your besties and have nights in playing twister and drinking wine.  
  • Travel the world and meet exotic people 

Fast forward eight years later and I find myself just finishing uni, still stuck at and hating my part time job and still not knowing what career path I want to take.  

I sometimes wonder how freaking lucky are people, such as Lorde, ( as much as I love her) having a hit album and win Grammy awards at age 17. The only thing I was winning at 17, was, well nothing really. Oh hang on, I think I scored two packets of Doritos from a vending machine once.  But that’s beside the point. Its hard to think at her age, I was still in high school, obsessing over Anthony Callea and why boys didn’t like me. 

In your early 20s, was the time you could do whatever you wanted. You could go out, a lot. Go out a lot and get drunk, go out a lot, get drunk and hook up with strangers. Not having to feel sorry for yourself or your life because you were young and carefree, having fun and still living at home. Waking up the next morning hung over feeling like absolute death devouring kebabs and a whole bucket of KFC chicken like it was the last meal on earth, and then doing it all over again the following weekend. 

Fast track it now, you are 25. You hope to be less confused and anxious and have a clear direction in life. But as it seems, you are still living at home, just finished university, and still not sure what career path to choose. Instead, you’re still stuck in your part time job that you despise and that no longer serves a purpose other than mentally and physically draining your life, while all of your friends are sitting in offices or in work meetings with business executives and one hour lunch breaks. Not to mention, that your Facebook news feed suddenly floods every 5 seconds of  people getting engaged,  having babies, going overseas or buying a house. And if that wasn’t enough destructing news, it seems everyone around you is in perfect careers. While you secretly wish and hope that some sort of element in their life isn’t so perfect (like maybe their boyfriends are not able to last long or they have a secret STD that nobody knows about)   Along with that you have slowly started to realise the 10 million friends you seemed to have when you were young has suddenly diminished to about five. So what do you do about it?! You convince and hype yourself up to go out and get totally shit faced, but then you disappointingly remind yourself that you are now 25 and surrounding yourself with drunken 23 year olds is just as humiliating as anything else. 

While you sip on your cup of tea, sitting on a couch watching day time TV in an empty house you think to yourself, how did my life come to this? If you can relate to this. You needn’t worry. 

1)  The people in your life.. 

  I have come to realise, as you near your mid-twenties, you finally start to realise who your true friends are. And because you are way  past the immature high school drama, or simply just no longer care what people think, you don’t feel bad for neglecting the wrong kind of friends (no matter how much history you had with them, which is probably the main reason why you decide to keep them in your life) and making room for those who are worth your time.  As much as you can’t stand and pull the fake smiles over hearing about  their successful work lives and clear direction in life, make sure you see them and make it be known to them that they are great friends. Even if you only can see them once a month because of busy schedules, that’s OK, because they will understand. You also start to realise that the birthday parties that you throw begin to slowly end up turning out to be only a few handful, but that’s ok too, because it’s all about quality than quantity. (Besides who can be bothered making small talk to those people we rarely see anymore). After all, this will how much you really mean to people, even if it is just your four best friends, and trust me,  you are going to need a couple of solid friends you can trust who will hold your hand  and eat chocolate and tell you all will be ok when you are at the most delicate and vulnerable state or when you hit the occasional quarter life crisis moments.

2) The only person you need to please is yourself…

Ok and maybe your parents, if you’re still living at home, the occasional helping out with the dishes would be nice. And of course you need to keep the boyfriend happy. But for the main part, you should be way past doing things based on what other people say or think. By now, you should relatively know how to make your own choices, good or bad, you will learn from them. Don’t be a askhole ( you know where you ask for someone’s advice, and then go out and go completely against it) instead just go with your gut feeling. Be logic about it and just go for it. There will always be somebody to help and support you when it doesn’t turn out right. 

3) If you haven’t found your career/job or been overseas. Don’t Stress..

Yes I occasionally have my melt down moments where I am frustrated and angry over the fact that I still cannot commit to one career path, nor have I found full time employment. Comparing your life to other people is the worst thing you could do to yourself.  Everything happens at different times and at different stages for everyone, so if you are not where you want to be yet, just give it time. If you can safely say that you are doing all you possibly can do improve the situation, then that’s all you can do.  So get off Facebook, ignore the photos of engagement rings and people star jumping in front of the Eiffel Tower. Just remember to think of all the things that you have in your life that are great and that you are appreciative of. 


If you are sitting there and are not convinced. Then grab out a tub of B&J and just go ape shit cray with it and after you’re done, your life will seem a hell of a lot brighter. 

Ice Ice Baby

There is nothing better than a tall refreshing and cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer’s day, Lucky for me, it was an extremely hot day and I was in the mood to whip something up. It turned out absolutely delicious and was so quick to make.

Here’s how to do it : 

  • Pick out your favourite tea ( either tea bags or loose leaves)
  • A large jug
  • Ice cubs
  • Slices of lemon and orange and whatever citrus fruit you like really ( I also recommend pieces of grapefruit)

I have an obsession with T2, I particularly adore fruity citrus flavours, their ‘citrus punch’ is absolutely delicious


You can also  boil some water and add the tea leaves/tea bags to ensure a full infused flavour. But I was so impatient, I added cold water with the loose leaves and added ice cubes. The flavour is still great.

I added 4-5 teaspoons of the tea leaves (It really depends how weak or strong you like it)

Also if you are using tea leaves, make sure to strain them if you’re not a fan of the texture, as they are not so pleasant to drink. The jug I used has a strainer in it hence why I left the leaves in there.

Slice up some lemon slices and pour cold water until the top with a few ice cubes. Leave in the fridge for half an hour